Take a Stand: Moments That Mattered from ADCOLOR

2019 has been quite a year for multicultural consumers and it’s not over yet! AdColor broke down some of the most important moments of the year, from Nike backing Kaepernick, to Procter & Gamble taking on toxic masculinity and racial profiling, to diverse voices building a squad in Congress—and what that means for advertising.

The panels at AdColor focused on moments that mattered and being seen. Brands need to trust multicultural audiences and learn to speak and interact in ways that are meaningful and relevant. Diversity in advertising doesn’t just mean showing faces, but actually creating change. The conversation was heavily focused on action—moving from behind the walls of social media and press releases and onto real change and paying attention to who is in the room. AdColor focused on amplifying voices, and how much we need these communities to be part of the conversation.

Advertising is poised to lead the change for inclusive, diverse marketing. Don’t take our word for it—watch the sizzle below for the full AdColor experience!

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