3 Reasons Why to Partner with Pandora to Win Your Political Campaign

Heading on the campaign trail? At Pandora, a quality, brand-safe environment is our top priority. We are at the forefront of the industry, ensuring we deliver scalability, custom targeting, and premium advertising for winning campaigns. Here’s how Pandora can help you win in 2020.

1. Audience Scale

We’ve built a massive and deeply engaged audience of listeners who spend a total of 1 billion hours with us each month on our mobile app.1 With 2020 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to educate and inspire listeners to head to the polls.
- Pandora is the #1 Mobile Music App for Unique Visitors1 - Pandora’s audience is 90% addressable2 - 87 million multi-platform monthly unique listeners3

2. Robust Targeting Solutions

With each election cycle comes smarter targeting. Utilizing proprietary data and geo targeting down to the congressional or zip code level, Pandora makes it easy to reach your target voter.

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3. Premium Brand-Safe Environment

As we approach 2020, safety is top of mind for all. Pandora provides an uncluttered, premium brand-safe environment that allows campaigns to speak to voters in a personal way.

  • Professionally Produced & Zero User-Generated Content: People come to Pandora for a personalized, curated listening experience with only professionally produced music and audio content. We know about every single music track and piece of audio content played on our platform.
  • Curated by Real People: We believe that human involvement is critical in the process to determine what brand-safe content is. This is true across both our music curation and advertising guidelines, ensuring Pandora delivers the best possible value to our advertising clients and listeners alike. We believe human curation is needed to make judgment calls and enforce advertising policies ensuring that ads run in a brand-safe environment.
  • Personalized by the Listener: At Pandora, we allow our listeners to control their experience through personalization. When people have the ability to control what content they hear, it allows them to determine what is most relevant to their tastes, and ultimately, be more receptive to hearing advertisements that interest them.

Please reach out to the political sales team for more information.

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