3 Ways to Personalize & Customize An Ad Campaign

Did you know that 62% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if they feel it provides valuable, interesting or relevant content? This is the world we, as marketers, compete in. Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all advertising. Now, consumers want brands to speak to them, rather than at them. This is why the industry continues to call for more interactive and personalized solutions--and why we expect to see brand experiences that offer value and feel individualized achieve the most marketing success.

With this in mind, marketers must continue to seek innovative ways to connect with an audience through unique touch points. Let us give you an example...

Propel’s Personalized Music Experience

Propel, an electrolyte replacement drink and part of The Gatorade Company, recently partnered with Pandora to drive awareness of their products’ hydrating benefits and to make Propel Water a top-of-mind beverage choice for exercisers. Pandora’s music platform was a natural fit for the campaign because the right tunes are critical to getting a good workout. Pandora and Propel came together to create a campaign that got listeners moving and drinking more Propel Water.

Inspired by Propel’s success, we’ve compiled 3 ways marketers can create a more personalized ad experience for their audience:

1)  Reach Consumers in Moments that Matter: Propel wanted to reach passionate exercisers who workout four days a week and believe exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. Using Pandora’s “runner” and “sport drink enthusiast” targeting segments, Propel ensured that the right listeners received audio messages during relevant moments. Additionally, by using creative that reflected local weather patterns and by strategically dayparting each ad placement, Propel delivered messages that felt both personalized and relevant. Propel not only reached early morning runners on sunny days, but also evening runners on cloudy days.

2) Engage an Audience in New and Creative Ways: To connect with exercisers, Pandora created two rich media units that (literally) got listeners moving. Using the smartphone’s gyroscope to measure rotational motion, listeners could tilt their phones to reveal hidden Propel messaging to launch a Custom Station. Listeners could also shake their phones and--using the iPhone’s accelerometer--unlock an hour of uninterrupted listening with Pandora’s Sponsored Listening solution. Together, these interactive campaign elements successfully invited listeners into Propel’s experience, making them feel like part of the brand story.

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[vimeo 202481741 w=900&h=507]

3) Drive Brand Engagement with Solutions that Resonate: Getting people moving was a cornerstone of Propel’s campaign, so integrating engagement-based music solutions was a must. To achieve this, Pandora launched the Propel Power Workout station, an upbeat, curated listening experience to perfectly suit any exercise activity. In just over four months, over 264,000 people added the station to their Pandora account, spending an average of 40 minutes listening. This outperformed Pandora’s internal benchmarks by 60%. For users who want to workout to music they know and love, Propel also partnered with Pandora to provide them with an hour of uninterrupted listening, driving a strong 4.4% CTR on the accompanying display banner.


Overall, Propel’s campaign drove substantial lifts in ad awareness and purchase intent, as measured by Millward Brown Digital. Post-campaign metrics confirmed that Propel received a 63% lift in Ad Awareness and a 60% lift in Purchase Intent, proving that personalization is both a powerful way to engage an audience and to achieve marketing success.

Gina Hardy, Propel’s Senior Marketing Director said of the campaign: “Pandora’s deeply personalized listening experience allowed us to authentically connect with fitness enthusiasts. Our partnership helped to bring a truly unique, movement-based campaign to a hyper-targeted audience during key exercise moments.”  

These are important lessons that any marketer can apply to their own advertising campaign. But to get more details on how Propel used personalization to make an impression, watch the video below:

[vimeo 202482341 w=900&h=507]


Many brands work hard to get their message in front of the right audience, while also creating an experience that captures attention and drives engagement. While there’s no silver bullet for how to do this, Propel found a unique and interactive way to deliver the message of movement to a highly targeted audience. This is something that any brand can achieve with the right approach!

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