Over 300 Audience Segments Means Greater Customization for Advertisers

300+ Targeting Segments

Making sure your ads reach the right audience is tough enough. Finding ways to reach an audience as obscure as “Horror TV Enthusiasts” might seem downright impossible.

You might be wondering how many brands actually worry about reaching such niche groups. But let’s be real, brands have specific needs and specific consumers—and finding those audiences and delivering a message that resonates is the difference between marketing failure or success.

We get it. We do.

Targeting is About Engaging the Right Listener, At the Right Time

With more than 79 million active monthly listeners, Pandora is positioned to provide the scale advertisers need to find those specific target groups. For this reason, we’re dedicated to evolving and expanding our offerings for both 1st and 3rd party targeting segments. By delivering popular consumer segments at scale, marketers can strategically overlay targeting onto a media buy to reach a qualified audience, and ultimately improve marketing effectiveness.

Now, with over 300 consumer segments available on Pandora, advertisers can not only find niche audiences like “Horror TV Enthusiasts” and “Dry Dog Food Shoppers,” but also “Organic and Natural Product Shoppers,” “Home Entertaining Enthusiasts,” “Cosmetics Shoppers” and many more. The breadth of our segmentations not only enable greater campaign customization, but make it easier to reach even the most elusive audiences.

Pandora Targeting is Fueled by The Music Genome Project

While we continue to evolve our suite of targeting capabilities, one constant remains: Pandora’s targeting is fueled by the data and insights we’ve accumulated from the Music Genome Project. For more than a decade, we’ve collected listener signals to enable the most personalized listening experiences for our loyal users. We use this same data to create targeting segments that help marketers reach highly engaged and qualified audiences with relevant brand messaging.

Combine the Power of the Logged-In User with Quality 3rd Party Data

If the Music Genome Project is the fuel behind our targeting, it’s the logged-in user that sets the science in motion. With one of the largest logged-in users bases in the country, Pandora benefits from the fact that every listener must be logged-in to listen. When Pandora combines the data captured upon registration (such as age, demo and geo) with valuable insights into listening behaviors, interests and other identified characteristics, our advertising partners get a clear picture of who their campaign is targeting. Couple that with 3rd party data from Pandora’s highest quality vendors, and your media buy just got a whole lot smarter.

Our treasure trove of listener data not only benefits marketers seeking to maximize campaign effectiveness, but allows us to constantly improve the personalized music listening experience that millions enjoy. Our strategic advantage is our data. And with hundreds of targeting segments now available, it can be your strategic advantage too.