The Power of 3D Audio

A unique storytelling tool that enhances a brands message in new and unique ways

We’re in the age of a content boom. The Internet is capturing us. Streaming is captivating us. The competition is tougher than ever. Today, brands are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours to attract consumers whose average attention span is less than 6 seconds. So how does one break through the competition in today’s headphone culture?
Enter 3D Audio.

What is 3D audio?

It's a creative tool that allows us to create an illusion of a three dimensional environment around the listener by placing or moving sounds in various directions. 3D audio creates a transportive and realistic ad experience, immersing the listener into the environment created for them. 

Join audio experts Katelyn Mueller and Tanvi Phadke from Studio Resonate as they take you on a sonic journey into the magic of 3D audio. Check out an excerpt from their interactive webinar 3D Audio: Beyond The Ears

A demonstration of 3D audio with Studio Resonate