Advertisers Get New Features With Web Redesign

Late last year we announced a complete redesign of our web experience and we're so excited to announce that this new experience is officially available for all listeners. Today our site is color enabled, responsive and thoughtfully constructed to keep our brand partners in focus--just a few of the new benefits.

This overhaul completely reinvents Pandora Web for our advertisers as it unequivocally enriches the listening experience for our users. We are excited to share how these new features specifically benefit our advertising partners. Here are the 5 benefits:

New Interface Keeps Eyes On Your Ads

When thinking about the design of our new layout, we wanted to offer brands more by upping the ante on our already highly personalized environment. The new Pandora web helps brand messages stand out more seamlessly. In order to achieve this, we created the new site to be responsive, color enabled and integrated to help keep listeners’ eyes on the branded messages.

The New Pandora

Pandora is dedicated to bringing the highest quality advertising solutions to our partners. This massive web redesign allows us to provide more opportunities for brands to deliver a personalized, impactful message to a target audience. Additionally, our web redesign showcases Pandora’s new look, which embraces a dynamic range of sound and color to visualize the energy and emotion artists pour into their music...and that we feel as listeners. These changes only build upon the undeniable power of music for listeners and advertisers alike.

We proudly invite you to explore our new look on To learn more about how your brand can integrate these new features into your next campaign, get in touch here.