Announcing Pandora’s Definitive Guide to Audio

Americans spend four hours a day consuming audio content. That’s a quarter of our awake lives, if you assume most of us get a full eight hours of sleep at night (or at least try to!).1

Not surprisingly, most of that four hours is spent listening on-the-go.

Next time you’re in a crowd, look around and notice how many people are wearing headphones or earbuds. As a culture, we have entered into an “earbud era,” where listening on a smartphone or other mobile device is as common as flipping the lights on when you get home. This has led to a rise in music consumption (listening on Pandora grew to 5.4 billion hours in just the last quarter), and to other audio formats like podcasts.

This behavior has also ignited a renaissance of the audio ad spot. Audio lets people enjoy sound without a screen, presenting a powerful opportunity for marketers who are striving to compete with today’s media clutter. Put another way, audio gives advertisers the ability to—quite literally—whisper their brand message directly into the ears of a target consumer. It's the industry’s secret weapon for capturing attention and resonating with an audience.

Mastering Audio Advertising Together

Despite the enormous promise of audio, even the smartest marketers can feel confused and intimidated. The audio landscape is both antiquated and constantly innovating, complicated and nuanced. In just the last 10 years since Pandora launched as a personalized streaming service, we’ve experienced massive change in the industry.

That's why we put together the Definitive Guide to Audio to help marketers get a pulse on where the industry is today. It has everything you need to know about audio--from the state of AM/FM radio, to the various advertising opportunities available. You’ll learn about the Power of Audio from leading agency and brand experts, the latest tech advancements that are changing how we listen, and what new formats (like podcasting) we should pay attention to. Plus, we provide our educated predictions for audio in 2017 and beyond.

If you’re jumping into audio for the first time or trying to optimize your current strategy, this is a must-read!

Get your learn on! To download the full report: CLICK HERE Source: 1 Edison Research, Share of Ear Study, Q3 2016