Driving Performance for App Developers: A Case Study

Mobile Game

According to a recent study reported by eMarketer, 50% of respondents say the number one reason they play games on their mobile devices is to relieve stress.

But what causes mobile game developers stress? Worrying about how they can hit their ROI goals quickly with cost-effective advertising. They need to get their products out fast and, just as fast, need to get maximum exposure—and realize lifetime value. This is where Pandora comes in.

The Challenge

Last year, a well-known gaming developer needed to increase installs on its mobile gaming app as well as in-app purchases.

The Solution

The company came to Pandora for help. Together, Pandora and the app developer built a plan to drive lifetime value through a custom Pandora performance solution. The client needed a strategic and cost effective mobile display campaign to reach their target audience.

They engaged Pandora’s in-house design team to review the advertiser’s creative and make strategic optimizations—at no cost to them. The team developed gender and holiday-themed creative tailored to the client’s target audience. In addition, the Pandora team provided daily conversion analysis and optimized according to key performing demographics, including gender and age.

The Pandora Performance solution included:

•   Exclusive above-the-fold placement •   Targeting capabilities •   Cost effective rates

The Results

Success! The in-app purchase goal—to drive as many app installs as possible at the given CPI rate for the particular device—was met, contributing to high lifetime value for the client, and the holiday theme raised the campaign’s engagement metrics. With Pandora’s help, the developer realized more than 800,000 app installs in 2013 and in turn, Pandora saw a seven-fold increase in investment from the advertiser.

To find out about how you can relieve the stress of marketing your game app, contact your Pandora rep today, or contact us via Pandora Advertising.