Are You Listening?


At Pandora we’re focused on continuously enhancing our listening experience for the millions of people that listen every day.  As a result, we drive more meaningful engagement, with the average listener tuning into Pandora for approximately 20 hours every month.

That’s why today, I’m tremendously excited to announce Sponsored Listening, the latest development focused on increasing engagement and time spent on Pandora.  With Sponsored Listening, a brand can offer our listeners what we know they crave, one full hour of uninterrupted listening, in exchange for engagement with their brand.

Here’s how Sponsored Listening works:

Advertisers Engage Listeners with either a short video, visit to their website or other ad interaction.

Listeners Immediately Receive one full hour of uninterrupted listening in exchange for this engagement.

Advertisers’ Branding Remains Visible to Listeners throughout the sponsored listening session and offers additional opportunity for brand engagement.

It’s a solution that enables our advertisers to enhance the music listening experience and drive increased interaction with Pandora listeners.  While we’ve been offering similar programs with great success through our Pandora One sponsored trials and Limited Interruption solution, our current efforts go one step further.

When we listen to music, we enter a state of elevated emotion and consciousness.   When songs we love are playing, we get into a groove and feel a connection to the music. Sponsored Listening enables advertisers to tap into this connection and give listeners more of what they love: uninterrupted listening.  It correlates to terrestrial radio’s Limited Interruption campaigns, except that Pandora provides unparalleled personalization and engagement.  And, brands benefit as the facilitator of this enhanced listening experience through increased engagement.

We’ve seen great results for both listeners and brands in our early tests for Sponsored Listening. Now we’re rolling out Sponsored Listening to a limited audience with several beta partners. As we learn more about the experiences users love and advertisers value, we’ll make this solution available on a larger scale.

At Pandora we’re redefining engagement with a focus on the listener.  We truly believe that what is good for our listeners is also good for our advertisers.  We look forward to continuing to build products and features to enhance the listening experience. Listen up to stay tuned!

Jonathan Eccles, Product Manager