Building the Sound of Brands through Artist Partnerships


The importance of booking the right acts for experiential opportunities.

In a world where consumers are hit with up to 5,000 marketing messages a day, experiential opportunities give brands a chance to make it a moment in consumers’ lives, giving the gift of an experience that people remember and share.

Leveraging the passion point of music is a powerful way to make connections on a one-to-one level at scale. Adding music to experiential taps into that passion point and creates relevant, engaging, buzz-inducing events for brands to reach audiences.

One of the pieces to creating excellent experiential opportunities is selecting the right acts for an event. Just like certain copy or imagery sets the tone for an advertising campaign, selecting artists who resonate with who you’re trying to reach and how you want to position your brand is crucial.

With all the data Pandora has at its fingertips, like station adds or thumb ups for songs, we’re able to see and track interesting trends to help inform our artist booking. For example, we see what’s happening in certain markets or what’s trending across the nation with different demographics.  We then augment these powerful insights with our industry relationships with artists, management and labels.

For the Pandora Discovery Den at South by Southwest, driving home the idea of music discovery is key.  Leveraging Pandora’s data allows us to put together a lineup that not only spans multiple genres, from rock and Americana to electronic and hip hop, but also delivers acts resonating now with listeners, from trending emerging artists all the way to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

By translating big data into smart data, Pandora precision targets listeners, identifies their tastes and what’s trending with them, and creates lineups that are timely and meaningful. The brands bringing these acts to their passionate fans in a free, intimate venue create incredibly emotional and lasting moments in people’s lives.

Be sure to check out our artist selection in action on the Pandora Discovery Den SXSW Station.