Pandora’s Audience Explorer Gives Advertisers Unprecedented Access to Listener Data

Megan McCoy

With the rise of Generation Z as the first “Earbud Generation,” marketers now have the remarkable opportunity to deliver a brand message directly into the ears of an engaged listener. But before brands can harness the potential of creating one-to-one connections through audio, they first need to have a clear understanding of who that listener is: What matters to them? What tone and tempo resonates with them? And in what moments are they engaged with audio content?

It was this need for deeper audience insights that inspired Pandora to surface our more than 1 billion daily listener data points for the benefit of our brand partners. Using anonymous listener data to protect the privacy of our 70 million active monthly users, our Audience Explorer tool gives advertisers access to deep listener insights to help them make more informed decisions about how to reach and engage them.

Introducing Pandora’s Audience Explorer

The data included in the Audience Explorer can inform everything from creative decisions and messaging, to identifying the most relevant audience and choosing an effective media mix.

Through Audience Explorer, Pandora provides advertisers with data on 2,000+ targetable audience segments, including those created with proprietary, third-party, CRM, lookalike and retargeting data. For example, we can now share how a desired target audience compares to overall Pandora listeners–or provide an in-depth analysis of how an audience relates to other broader segments.

Best of all? Audience Explorer gives special insight into Pandora’s proprietary audience segments–those that are created using Pandora’s own listener data. With a 100% logged-in user base, we can know for certain who these listeners are, how they listen and what they enjoy listening to. This level of insight goes beyond standard demographics to provide up-to-date information on:

  • Demographics (i.e. income, geography, and ethnicity)

  • Music preferences (i.e. favorite genres, top artists and lyrical content)

  • Lifestyle (i.e. travel, activities and family)

  • Technographics (i.e. which platforms and carriers an audience uses to listen to Pandora)

  • Engagement (i.e. hours listened, number of thumbs, number of station adds)

  • Content Recommendations (i.e. which Mixtapes are most relevant)

Another powerful feature included in the Audience Explorer tool is the Artist Affinity Score which enables our brand partners to understand their target audience’s favorite artists. The Artist Affinity Score provides key insights that allow brands to communicate with their target audiences in more contextually relevant and personalized ways.

Making for More Effective Ad Campaigns

Imagine the informed decisions marketers can make with real-time, actionable knowledge about their audience and the music that moves them. Knowing the activities and listening habits of a target demographic can unlock a plethora of opportunities on Pandora, including:

  • Building a brand-centric, customized Mixtape curated with an audience’s favorite music

  • Sponsoring a Station that over-indexes in listening among a target audience

  • Tailoring your message to reach listeners on relevant platforms like Connected Home (our fastest growing listening segment!)

The latest addition to Audience Explorer is a Content Recommender, which surfaces relevant Mixtapes that we know will resonate with a brands target audience based on what we know about their music listening habits and taking the guesswork out of sponsorship planning.

As marketers, we understand that a key piece to improving campaign effectiveness is to connect with the right audience, in the right moment, with relevant and engaging messages. Start connecting with your audience today based on who they are and what they value.

To get started with Audience Explorer, reach out to your Pandora sales representative today by completing the short form here.