Reach Multicultural Audiences with Pandora’s Programmatic Offerings

It is no secret that smartphones are central to the digital lives of multicultural consumers. These devices power a significant portion of their digital activity, presenting a challenge to publishers who have yet to evolve the methods by which they identify race and ethnicity online.

As an answer to these challenges, advertisers can now purchase multicultural inventory programmatically through Pandora’s private marketplaces (PMPs). Our private marketplaces offer unmatched scale with quality data and best-in-class targeting capabilities for advertisers to effectively tell their brand story and drive results using premium digital inventory.

At Pandora, we go beyond language to reach a precise multicultural audience no matter where they are in their cultural journey. We survey our listeners, asking them to declare their race and ethnicity, and pair their responses with location and demographic data shared during registration. We study their listening behaviors and musical interactions, then leverage a proprietary algorithm to identify similar listeners on our platform.

By engaging our listeners, we continue to prove that music is both a powerful and effective way to identify multicultural audiences online.

In a recent survey, 74% of Hispanics [3]and 68% of Black listeners[4] agreed music connects them to their culture above elements like food, values, language, and traditions. Their listening behavior on Pandora reflects this as Hispanics who speak mostly Spanish spend more than 50% of their time on Pandora listening to Spanish intensive music. Similarly, those who toggle between English and Spanish listen to Spanish intensive music on Pandora 20% to 49% of the time. [7] Asian and Indian listeners listen to endemic artists and songs on Pandora at equally intense levels, and while Black music is popular with the masses, Black listeners spend a significant amount of time with genres and artists that are distinctive from the total population.

Advertisers can leverage Pandora’s Spanish Preferred, Bilingual, Asian, Indian, and Black American segments to deliver the right message, to the right user, in the right language, at the right time. We recently verified our Spanish Preferred and bilingual segment to a respective 96% and 86% level of accuracy. [3] Similarly, we verified our Black American segment at a rate of 99.4%. [4]

To learn more about Pandora’s Private Programmatic Marketplace, download Pandora’s Programmatic Buying Guide.

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