Boost Mobile Sponsors New Questlove Supreme Program on Pandora

Last week we announced that music industry icon, tastemaker and drummer for The Roots, Questlove, will host a new program on Pandora called Questlove Supreme. This first-of-its-kind program will feature a weekly 3-hour show on the latest music trends, complete with compelling celebrity guest interviews and adventurous DJ sets. A new show will launch every Wednesday on Pandora and loop for the following 48 hours. In between releases, a mixtape curated by Questlove and inspired by his guests will play to build and maintain excitement for the program.

Today, we are proud to announce that Questlove Supreme will be delivered to listeners free-of-charge and with limited interruption through an exclusive sponsorship with Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry, and a brand with a passion for music. They’ve already integrated music into their brand DNA with past advertising campaigns featuring artists like Fat Joe, Travis Barker and Kanye West.

Sponsorship Pushes the Limits of Engagement, Even for Pandora

During the sponsorship, Boost Mobile will enjoy advertiser exclusivity across all branding opportunities on Questlove Supreme. This includes audio and display messaging delivered upon station entry and at the top of each hour of the show. “On-air” mentions, a first for Pandora, will be read during each show by music influencers and MC’s, who will collaborate with Questlove on the program. On-air mentions are endemic to this type of program and will help build authenticity among listeners for Boost.

In between show releases, while the mixtape is playing, audio and display brand messaging will be served upon station entry. The mixtape itself will evolve with the show’s content to keep interest and drive a deeper connection with fans of the program.

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Pandora Continues to Innovate With Non-Music Opportunities

Questlove Supreme is Pandora’s latest venture into non-music content--a focus that started last November with an exclusive streaming partnership with the record-breaking podcast, Serial, and its mothership, This American Life. With over 15 million streams of Serial over just six months1, we anticipate that Questlove Supreme will attract a similar audience of highly-engaged listeners. The launch sponsors for Serial experienced significant impact on brand metrics, including a 46% lift in favorability and a 26% lift in online awareness2. Audience equals results for brands, so we are excited to bring this level of innovation to our brand partners.

Interested in learning how your brand can participate in non-music opportunities on Pandora? To find out more:


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