Brand Station Platform: Fueling Engagement to Build Your Audience

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On Pandora, we remain true to our core mantra – what’s good for the listener is also good for the advertiser.

We’ve wrapped up the power of audio messaging, native advertising and curated custom content to present one of our most engaging advertising solutions yet: The Brand Station Platform.

Increasing Consumer Engagement Starts With Brand Stations: Marketers today seek advertising solutions that provide value and drive ongoing brand engagement beyond traditional ad placements. A recent study by Captora says that 61% of consumers prefer companies with custom online content. (via Mashable) With that in mind we have enhanced one of our core products, Brand Stations, by building a robust ecosystem that enables more ways to build audience and drive ongoing interaction through a custom listening experience.

How Does it Work?

Content That Fuels Engagement. Pandora works with advertisers to customize a fully branded listening experience for its audience called a Brand Station. These stations offer an exclusive music experience while immersing listeners in a branded environment, filled with display, audio and video messaging curated for that brand only, which are activated upon engagement. This curated music listening experience coupled with brand messaging offers advertisers a unique way to engage with an audience of fans who are spending valuable time interacting with their brand.

Build Audience Through Music: There are several ways for advertisers to build audience for their brand station through high impact audio and display, as well as a new native solution called Promoted Stations. With Promoted Stations you can place your brand station as a recommendation within the station list, so that a listener who is browsing for their next listening experience can consider your brand’s content alongside their existing stations. By adding a brand station, listeners are opting-in for a branded content experience; and thus opting-in to be a fan of your brand. In return, they are provided with a rich listening experience that encourages music discovery and custom content that fuels the sound of their brand.

Measuring Results: To complete the ecosystem provides valuable audience insights and engagement metrics, which can be used to optimize your brand messaging and better reach your audience on and off Pandora. We’re focused on providing advertisers with deeper insights on their audience and will be sure to share more on these capabilities shortly so stay tuned.

Experience the power of the Brand Station Platform for yourself and discover how music brings together Bands, Brands and Fans with these Brand Stations:

Feed the Beat (Taco Bell)

Toshiba Dynamic Duos Mixtape

Iggy’s Mix

Malibu Best Summer Ever

Connect with YOUR fans through the sound of your brand.

Build the sound of your brand and turn your consumers into passionate fans on the Brand Station Platform. For more information, reach out to your Pandora Sales rep today or contact us here.