Celebrating Black History Month 2017

Black History Month gives us music lovers a chance to reflect on the profound influence Black Americans have had on the music industry. From affecting social change through song during the Civil Rights Movement, to pushing the limit of musical achievement for new generations of Black artists, we’ve experienced some spectacular moments over the last 50+ years. Remarkable musicians--like Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, Queen Latifah and Jay Z (to name a few!)--have not only left an impression on music fans worldwide, but have also changed the music business as we know it.

Today’s Black Americans make up 14% of the total U.S. population and skew younger than the rest of America. More than half the Black population (53%) are under the age of 35, compared to 47% of the total population. As a young audience and early adopters of technology, Black fans and artists show a disproportionate share of influence over music trends.

In celebration of Black History Month, we took a look back at the most notable music moments and milestones achieved by Black artists. You’ll find a rich tradition of transformation in the music--something we continue to see today. We invite you to explore more in the Slideshare below...

[slideshare id=71738661&doc=aablackhistorymonththesoundofhistoryjan2017lwslideshare-170203200237]

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