Choice Matters: Over 1,300 Available Audiences

From Affluent Moms to Auto Intenders and practically everything in between, we offer segments that cater to a highly diverse and detailed array of campaign targeting objectives. Marketers across every industry vertical have the opportunity to reach and message the people that matter most to them with over 1,300 audience segments available on Pandora today. Proprietary data consisting of inputs such as: historical musical tastes and daily listening routines, technology usage, demographical composition, and language preferences drive a growing selection of actionable audience segments.

Our team of data scientists and audience experts have been hard at work building out best-in-class targeting capabilities and exclusive, proprietary solutions unique to Pandora. At the beginning of 2016, Pandora completed its integration with the Krux data management platform, which not only enables access to an increasing number of targetable 3rd-party data segments, from providers such as Datalogix, Neustar, and Acxiom, amongst others, but also allows Pandora to safely and securely onboard marketers’ own CRM data for targeting, closed-loop measurement, and rich insights.

Data onboarding can prove extremely valuable for advertisers in categories such as Automotive or Finance, who seek to leverage Pandora’s massive reach and cross-medium messaging to speak directly to their known customers. Matching CRM data directly to Pandora’s listeners also provides a significant opportunity for marketers looking to glean unique and valuable insights about their customers’ musical preferences, listening habits and technographic attributes that would be hard to find anywhere else. Database matching can also provide the basis for algorithmic modeling that can help expand addressable reach by identifying new potential customers that exhibit similar attributes, interests and behaviors.

Putting Pandora's Proprietary Data to Work

“We’ve invested a lot of time and resources in developing The Music Genome Project,” Pandora’s group product manager, Eric Hoppe, told Ad Exchanger earlier this summer. “It’s a great data asset that we now use for our advertising systems as well.”

The Music Genome Project is at the core of what attracts the average Pandora listener to tune in for approximately 24 hours every month.1 It is the algorithm behind The Next Song Matters™. Our logged-in listener base produces over 1 billion data points per day. This rich, proprietary data set is unique in that it not only powers our music streaming platform, but can also be used by marketers looking to reach the right user and measure how various audiences drive engagement and lift.

Beyond the improvements made to the scalability of our technical audience targeting systems, Pandora’s data scientists have also been researching ways to respond to marketers’ needs by applying valuable insights from our song recommendation engines. We continue to build out proprietary segments that are increasingly more robust and unique, including various combinations of demographic, technographic, and musical identifiers. Through our listeners’ declared registration information, device connectivity, daily listening patterns and preference interactions with music stations, Pandora’s data includes highly actionable declared and inferred signifiers that lend to hundreds of targetable consumer personas, such as Hispanic Small Business Owners, Connected Car Users, Frequent Podcast Listeners, Workout Enthusiasts, Summer BBQ-ers, or Regular Commuters. Additionally, when 3rd-party data is integrated, we can further refine to select cross-sections of qualified customers to meet almost any campaign targeting objective.

Pandora’s addressable audience segments have grown more than threefold in just the first half of 2016 alone. As a result of continuing efforts to improve our targeting infrastructure, we partner with leading data providers, leverage robust proprietary data assets and proactively craft solutions to address marketers’ campaign objectives. Pandora continues to ideate new and improved uses and applications for the infinite amounts of data available to curate and activate a diverse set of unique audiences. And we keep true to our mantra: what’s good for the listener is good for the advertiser.

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1 Pandora Internal Metrics, Q2 2016