Turn It Up: Connecting Through Music

Many brands are challenged with finding relevancy--relevancy to cultural movements and trends, and relevancy with key audiences.

Today’s media environment doesn’t make it any easier. There is an infinite amount of content out there that is easily consumable on-the-go. So while we don’t have any extra hours in the day, we are filling them up with news, blogs, podcasts, social media, apps and more. eMarketer recently estimated that the average adult spends over 12 hours a day with major media--up 5 minutes from 2015.1

We can assume that there’s been an equivalent increase in exposure to advertising messages--upwards of 5,000 ads a day is the current speculation. As a marketer, you might be wondering what can you do to break through the clutter? To capture an audience’s attention? To make an impact?

That’s what led us to ask Tracy Kalfas, Client Director of Strategy & Investment at Initiative Media, about how tapping into the passion point of music can help. She attended our recent Turn It Up event in Chicago, along with other industry leaders in audio, and graciously provided her perspective on how brands can make a connection through music.

It starts with understanding the identity of the brand. “Music is one way that brands can not only find ‘borrowed equity,’ but also their own voice,” says Tracy. It’s about fitting the mood of the brand with the mood the audience wants to feel, and finding the right sound to achieve that.

Tracy also has practical experience working with big brands (including Miller Light and Coors Light) on how to integrate music into their advertising strategies. She prefers to start with relevant moments that hold importance in people’s lives and to the brand (like tailgating and drinking Miller Light), and looks at what music enhances those moments. “When you can insert a brand into something that creates a mood...I think that’s a huge bonus for a brand,” explains Tracy.

Hear more from Tracy on how brands can leverage the passion point of music:
[vimeo 191075778 w=900&h=507]

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Source: 1. eMarketer, September 2016