Culture First, Powered by Audio

Leading with culture is essential in the multicultural world we live in. Audio is a powerful way to personalize a message to every consumer regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity. Culturally relevant ads strike a chord, with listeners responding positively to ads that leverage strong cultural cues. Ensure every impression makes an impression by leveraging these creative best practices.

Multicultural Audio Creative Best Practices

Apply Cultural Context: Introduce culturally relevant themes and cues, while avoiding stereotypes.

Use Language Strategically: Address audiences across the language spectrum.

Address the Individual Listener: You’re reaching millions of people, one listener at a time.

Use a Conversational Tone: No need to shout - speak to the listener like you are talking to a friend.

ANA MC, In-culture ads on Pandora

Audio Storytelling Tools

As we continue to move into a voice-activated world, how we tell stories must evolve. Leverage these four tips to amplify your message.

Theater of the Mind: Paint a sonic picture with words and audio cues, letting listeners’ imaginations finish the story for you.

The Power of Words: Keep it simple and direct. Audio is so powerful you don’t need many words to create an impact.

Human Voice: Be relatable. A genuine voice gives your message a sense of authenticity – natural, trusted and culturally relevant.

The Power of Music: Music helps regulate emotions and connects audiences during relevant moments, making them more receptive to your message.

Your consumers are listening, how will you connect with them?