December Podcast Roundup: The Ha-Ha Holiday Edition

This December, we're highlighting our star-studded comedy podcast slate to keep you laughing and full of cheer! Comedy is the #1 most-listened-to podcast genre,1 and the audience has grown by 91% in the last year!2 These shows are the perfect place to invest ad dollars and reach audiences where other media can't—like when they're:

  • Traveling home for the holidays

  • Cooking their favorite seasonal recipes

  • Shopping for loved ones

Comedy lovers are heavy listeners, with 52% listening 10x or more per month (402 Index).1 We know the holidays can be stressful. And these comedy podcasts will help you—and your target consumers—smile through the hustle and bustle of the season! 

Dive into the minds of some of the world's funniest people with Kevin Hart in his podcast,

Comedy Gold Minds. From rising stars to absolute legends, Kevin meets with industry tastemakers for ear-opening dialogue that takes listeners on a wild and crazy ride through some of the world's top comedic minds. From chronicling their comedy club experiences to a sneak peek of their latest material, each episode promises punchlines, anecdotes, and inside jokes. The show draws in a 64% multicultural audience, far more than most podcasts!

Threedom Trailer

Comedians Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus, and Paul F. Tompkins abandon their regular formats to focus on the basics of being funny. This show boasts a highly educated audience, with 75% having a bachelor's degree or higher. The Earwolf network has been the pioneer in comedy podcasting since 2010, starting with Aukerman's hit,

Comedy Bang Bang, and growing to over 20 podcasts. A massive 74% of
listeners have been listening to podcasts for over three years, so you can expect to reach a consistent and loyal audience.

Best Friends Trailer

The holidays are also about celebrating our chosen family.

Best Friends is a hilarious, intimate chatcast hosted by longtime best friends Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata. Each week, Byer and Zamata come together to talk about their friendship and current events and try to answer listeners' questions about friendship. Fans feel like they're having a conversation with their friends. That connection to the hosts could explain why 80% of listeners reported visiting an advertiser's website.

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend Trailer

After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that despite thousands of interviews, he has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Fans can't get enough of the show—95% listen to every episode. Deeper and unboundedly playful, 

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way. The audience includes high earners, with 37% earning over $100K.

Did you know the full

Team Coco podcast slate is only available via the SXM Podcast Network? So, if you want to reach comedy fans, our network can help you do it.

The Fckry Trailer

Keeping it 100 is Leslie Jones' mission, and anything else will not be tolerated. Each week, veteran SNL star Leslie and her co-host, Lenny Marcus, expose the f*ckry of any given topic and interact with fans in true Leslie Jones fashion. Leslie is a social media sensation with over 1.3M TikTok followers and 1.6M Instagram followers. There is never a dull moment on

The Fckry—you won't want to miss it! 

2 Bears, 1 Cave Trailer

Your Mom's House Studios is home to seven hilarious podcasts, reaching millions of listeners. You'll frequently find this pick on the

top of podcast comedy charts. Stand-up comedians and best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to make each other laugh. An impressive 80% of
2 Bears 1 Cave
listeners tune in at work, laughing as they get through the day!

Ask Iliza Anything Trailer

Everyone deserves that best friend who delivers blunt advice with impunity. Comedian, writer, and actor Iliza Shlesinger is that friend. She has built a cult-like following of listeners seeking her hilarious take on their problems. Every week, people submit their questions to the show, with topics ranging from bad coworkers, psychotic bridesmaids, and a mother-in-law who won't move out. Iliza's answers range from wise and heart-felt to rage-fueled and off-the-wall. She enjoys giving incisive life advice to total strangers, sometimes with a celebrity guest in tow. With

Ask Iliza Anything, you'll reach women on the go where other digital ads can't reach them, with 76% listening in the car.

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1. Nielsen Scarborough Podcast Buying Bower, R1 2019 (Nov) to R2 2021 (May), Adults 18+, podcast genres you currently listen to

2. Podtrac Analytics Podcast Trend Report (9/6/21-9/11/22)