Four Things Our Listeners Want You to Know this Holiday Season

The holidays may still be months away, but marketers everywhere are already asking themselves the same question: How do I make sure my product is at the top of shoppers’ lists?

And here at Pandora, we’re no exception. That’s why we tapped into our rich database of listeners to find out exactly what their 2019 holiday season would look like, where they plan on shopping, and how music will play a role in holiday festivities.

Here’s what we found out:

1. Whether it’s partying, shopping, or cooking, nearly all Pandora listeners are listening to music during holiday activities.

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Why It Matters: It’s no surprise that music helps everyone get into that bubbly holiday spirit. However, as an advertiser, understanding when and how they’re listening to holiday music can help you personalize your message so that it’s contextually relevant in that moment. Imagine—your connected car ad can be the reason that the above 75% who are driving decide to turn into your parking lot.

2. While most purchases happen between Thanksgiving and mid-December, shoppers research all year long.

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Why It Matters: Sure, we all love to procrastinate and often don’t click purchase until after Thanksgiving. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our lists ready-to-go well before then. Almost half of survey respondents say they do research throughout the entire year across all categories. While you’re heavying up on media in November and December, consistency and frequency is key the other 10 months of the year.

3. Shoppers are influenced by a wide array of mediums—and traditional ads are low on the list.

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Why It Matters: While you’re deep in excel sheets and budget allocations, what does it really take to influence a shopper one way or the other? According to our listeners, it’s true that traditional media is on the decline. In today’s world, digital ads are actually more effective than TV and print. On top of that, word of mouth and personal recommendations take the top influential spot, so make sure you’re talking to all members of the family (kids, dads, etc,)—not just the main decision maker.

4. Everyone loves presents! Even if it comes through an ad.

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Why It Matters: Reward-based advertising is all the rage, and there’s a reason for that. Free stuff will never go out of style. Pandora’s product suite offers lots of opportunities for advertisers to give listeners a little something extra during the holiday season. Specifically, access to Pandora Premium will win over listeners’ hearts, and you can do that with our Video-Plus solution.

The holidays can be stressful, especially when you’re an advertiser trying to cut through the clutter. But, one thing is for sure: your audience is listening on Pandora. With over 120M MUVs a month, we have the scale and ad solutions to ensure your message is heard. Contact us today to start planning your holiday campaign.

Source: Pandora Holiday Study, A18+, Holiday 2018