Generation Z + Music: New Insights to Understand Who They Are and How They Listen

While our attention, conversations and thoughts have been fixated on Millennials, we may have failed to notice the new wave of youth coming our way.

Gen Z (or those currently between the ages of 13-17, roughly) is connected, informed and ready to take on the world. Sure, for the last 10 years Gen Z’s have been living under the shadow of their older, more popular generation “sibling”, but that was only because they were still in diapers. The oldest of this cohort is now graduating high school, entering college and starting to think about a career.

Today’s teens are the first generation to grow up with the world--literally--at their fingertips, thanks to the mass adoption of the internet and connected devices, like smartphones. Projected to surpass Millennials in both size and influence, Gen Z has a thirst for content and enough digital-savvy to change the game for marketers.

Music is the Common Denominator

Each youth generation of history has felt their own love and deep connection to music. With Gen Z’s averaging 4 hours a day with their earbuds in, music and audio remain powerful ways to capture their attention and resonate with this hard-to-crack audience.
52% owned a smartphone by the time they turned 13, 20% spend 8 or more hours on their phone each day
Smart marketers are always one step ahead, so understanding what makes Gen Z’s different and tweaking media strategies accordingly will be critical for future success. Luckily, Pandora recently conducted a survey of our teen listeners to find out exactly what makes them tick, how they relate to music and how they interact with Pandora.

What we found out will change the way you market in the future. To download the full report:


Source: Pandora, Gen Z Market Research, March 2016