Get To Know Your Football Audience

For some fans, football is not just a fun sport to watch--it’s a way of life. (Just ask the residents of Green Bay.) Since 1869, football has not only been one of America’s favorite sports to watch, but has also become one of the most lucrative for brands trying to reach these loyal viewers with their advertising. Take the Super Bowl for example. Not only is this one of the year’s most highly anticipated sporting events for celebrities and fans alike, but it’s also one of the only times of year that you will hear consumers asking to turn the volume UP during the commercial breaks.

The popularity of the betting game, Fantasy Football, seemed to only increase the level of fandom. Even though Fantasy Football was invented back in 1962, it was in the 2000’s when the game really took off with the widespread adoption of the internet (Yahoo! offered a Fantasy Football game online for free) and as of 2006, over 12 million Americans played Fantasy Football. Today, it’s estimated that just under 60 million people play Fantasy Football in the USA and Canada.

With the regular season about to start, we know that friends, families and even co-workers around the United States are eagerly researching players new and old in preparation for their Fantasy Football drafts. Similarly, cable viewers and cord-cutters alike are making plans and adding packages so they can catch all the action on Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday nights.

So who exactly are these football fans, and what can advertisers do to best reach this audience? We tapped our Audience Explorer tool to help us derive data on our listeners who are also football enthusiasts. See what we found out in the infographic below.

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