Holiday Music Trends: What It Means For Brands

Christmas is right around the corner which means the holiday craze starts now—and this season is predicted to be a particularly strong one. For advertisers, this means go-time. It’s the perfect moment to intercept consumers when they are in the mindset to shop.

This holiday season, US retail sales are expected to climb 4.1%, while US retail ecommerce spending will rise 16.2%. According to eMarketer, this marks some of the best growth rates in recent years, with a large majority being driven by m-commerce spend.1 But consumers aren’t just purchasing on their phones, they’re researching there as well. In fact, 64% of Americans use their smartphone as a trusted holiday shopping sidekick, aiding them through multiple touch points throughout the season.2

While Holiday spending is strong, so is the Holiday spirit of Pandora’s listeners. In fact, almost half of our listeners tuned into Holiday music in December 2017 3. That’s a lot of Jingle Bell Rock!

Our data science team performed an in-depth analysis of holiday listenership, uncovering the most popular holiday stations on Pandora.

3619 Holiday Music Infographic R3

This is just a glimpse into the breadth of data we can identify about an audience. Whether it’s station popularity or an analysis of activities done while listening to Pandora, we can provide brands with data-rich and personalized insights about their audience.

Pandora Helps Advertisers Win During the Holidays

It’s not too late to utilize the power of Pandora’s strong holiday listenership; we have the ability to connect our partners with relevant audiences who have spending power. Last year we saw a 55% increase in holiday music listeners during the holidays 4, and we expect to see another spike in listenership this season as well. There are several opportunities to get in front of our holiday listeners including:

  • Seasonal audience segments — target listeners who have an affinity for the holidays or opt for something more custom and lower-funnel
  • Sponsored stations for the holidays — own these merry moments by giving users more music and less interruptions
  • Connected Home — reach families and decision makers during cheerful co-listening moments
  • Pandora Premium — give a gift to Pandora’s holiday enthusiasts by awarding them with Premium Access

These are just a few examples of how you can leverage the power of audio to connect with consumers during the holidays. It is crucial to have an always-on mobile strategy during this peak ecommerce season, and what better way to do that than being the soundtrack to your audience’s holiday season?

Our holiday campaigns bring cheer to both listeners AND advertisers. Read more about how Pandora helped generate a 17% lift in in-store traffic during the holidays for this retailer.

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