Snap Partners with Pandora to Share Songs

Pandora Premium Now Available to Snapchatters

Pandora is excited to announce it is the music streaming launch partner for Snap Kit, Snap Inc.’s new platform for developers. Through the Creative Kit integration, Snap is bringing a unique music experience, powered by Pandora, to all Snapchatters in the U.S.


Soon, Snapchatters will be able to send their friends original song cards that celebrate album art on top of an animated background. Anyone who receives a Pandora song card through Snapchat will be able to swipe up to listen to on-demand, via Pandora’s Premium Access feature after watching a short video ad.


This new Snap Kit integration allows Pandora and Snapchat to marry scale and highly engaged millennial audiences to create one seamless feature that adds value to the user experiences on both platforms.



Pandora first introduced Video Plus, a new type of rewarded video, in late 2017, as a way for users to unlock awesome features like Skips, Replays, and access to Pandora Premium in exchange for interacting with a Brand.


On launch day, 20th Century FOX is partnering with Pandora to promote its highly anticipated film starring Amandla Stenberg, “The Darkest Minds,” with a takeover of the Premium Access feature. This means that any Snapchatter who receives a Pandora song card on July 11 will be able to swipe up to listen on-demand after watching a short 15-second video from FOX.


Thanks to Premium Access, any Snapchatter (even if they're not a Pandora subscriber) who receives a shared song will be able to swipe up and unlock Pandora's entire music library on demand.


According to Nielsen Media Labs, 54% of internet users prefer value exchange over both ad-supported, and subscription content. Video Plus has been a testament to this since inception, with Video Plus views growing 8x* since launch, as a result of growing listener engagement to unlock content and features.


At the forefront of platform growth, is the generation of listeners who are all about personalization, instant gratification, and having access to the world at their fingertips. So it comes as no surprise that Gen Z engages with Video Plus 33% more often than any other demo*, creating a perfect synergy between the younger-skewing Snapchat audience, and the features that Video Plus is able to unlock.




On the heels of this growth and our new partnership, Pandora is also announcing Video Plus Takeovers. This new offering allows brands to own 100% of all Video Plus engagements for a single day, which means enforced 15-second video viewability delivered in a scaled, high impact package.


This will enable not only the scale and efficiency required of high impact sponsorships, but it will also achieve the cultural zeitgeist that marketers crave. Thanks to the ability for users to link directly to songs, brands can also leverage their earned audiences and link them to their takeover on Pandora - creating opportunities for enhanced scale and earned reach.


Connecting through music, and sharing your life’s soundtrack has never been easier. Want to learn more about Video Plus or Video Plus Takeovers? Get in touch. * Pandora Internal Metric June 2018