Is There A Healthy Rhythm? Pandora Listeners Think So!

At Pandora, we believe in the power of audio and music to move people.

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that it also keeps us healthy. Decades of research have brought scientists and psychologists to the same conclusion: A musical rhythm improves mood, lowers perceived exertion and fatigue during workouts, and boosts our metabolic rate1.

We surveyed our Pandora listener panel to find out what role music plays in their health, wellness and healing. With over 3,000 responses, the results indicate a clear relationship between being healthy and listening to music.

Music plays an important part in staying healthy

Pandora listeners are careful to take healthy measures: 97% regularly engage in healthy activities like drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and checking their health stats2. They are also exceptionally active: 71% exercise at least weekly—including anything from cardio activities and weightlifting, to Pilates, yoga and more2. During exercise, Pandora listeners are on their earbuds: 90% agree that music helps them get into the zone. 88% say that music is a motivator. 77% can’t imagine exercising without music!2

Healing is improved through the power of music

Exercise is only half the story. Pandora listeners turn to music during the healing process too: 74% say listening to music helps them feel better when sick by relaxing and improving mood2.

So, when it comes to healthcare marketing, aligning your advertising with music puts your message at the center of it all. Not only will your brand likely connect with consumers while they are participating in healthy activities, but your entire campaign will complement the uplifting, positive vibes they experience when listening to a favorite song.

Pandora is a powerful platform, capable of delivering your next campaign to a targeted audience of engaged, healthy consumers.

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