Turning up Tourism in Local Markets – A Case Study


Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau (LHVB) turned to us for more information on how they could generate awareness of their location in Pennsylvania as both a summer and winter vacation destination for the local area.

With the main goal of increasing site traffic, LHVB decided to give Pandora a try and signed on for a month long campaign in July 2013 promoting summer tourism activities.  The campaign targeted men and women 25 to 50 years old with specific messaging for each group to appeal to their specific interests (Steelers training camp for men, wine tasting for women).

The Pandora Solution

  • Audio Everywhere was used to leverage the power of audio and reach engaged listeners with seasonal messaging.
  • Display Everywhere increased the advertiser’s visibility and offered multiple opportunities to drive listeners back to the advertiser’s site.
The Results

The LHVB campaign was a huge success at achieving awareness and increasing site traffic.

  • Generated more than 2,200 new site visits, translating to 4% of all new traffic to the site.
  • 1.30 CTR against women on mobile alone.
  • Pandora was the 6th largest site traffic driver, only behind Google and Bing organic search Generated more than 4,600 new site visits, translating to 6% of all new traffic to the site, which is a huge feat.
  • Pandora drove 12% more new site visits than Facebook.
LHVB ran a smart campaign, utilizing seasonal creative targeted directly at their male and female audiences, respectively, helping make this campaign such a success.  It was important to pair this strategic creative with Pandora’s best-in-class ad solutions and targeting to drive results.

The Love

LHVB Interactive Marketing Manager, Michele Wisnesck, said of their successful campaign on Pandora, “I couldn’t be happier with the success we’ve had with our Pandora ad placements.  Pandora is in our top 5 referring websites for the month of January!  I absolutely plan to continue partnering with Pandora. My experience with them these past few months has been nothing but positive!”

In subsequent months, LHVB has increased their spend with Pandora and expanded their presence to include winter travel messaging as well.

To find out how Pandora can drive results for your business, contact your Pandora representative today.