The Only Tool You Need to Make 'Big Data' Actionable

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

For marketers, Big Data is a sink-or-swim kind of game. It can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful ad campaign, and single-handedly identify who a brand's target consumers should be.

Yet no matter how fast we chase down Big Data, we continue to find ourselves in a world with more data and less insights. Right now, many tech companies and brands believe that executing against data-driven insights is either a huge competitive advantage or their #1 concern. But for advertisers and marketers especially, knowing how to extract and apply actionable insights to a media plan is critical to making an impression with the right consumers.

The best way to approach Big Data is with an audience-first mindset. Start by knowing exactly who matters most to your business. Then, you’ll want to ensure that whatever data set you’re using to learn about this audience has enough depth and breadth to provide insights that aren’t just accurate, but also meaningful to your business.

Pandora’s Audience Explorer Puts the Audience First

Powering an audience-first marketing strategy with quality data was exactly our purpose in launching Pandora’s new Audience Explorer tool, which gives advertisers customizable and real-time insights on over 2,300 targeting segments.
Pandora’s data is now more accessible and actionable for our partners--a direction that we see the industry at large heading towards. It’s all about taking Big Data and making it work for you and your brand. With Audience Explorer, marketers can hone in on the exact characteristics they’re most interested in and even make comparisons between different segments. With just a few clicks, it can provide insights ranging from whether an audience prefers angry or sad lyrics, what day of the week they listen to Pandora most, and if they lean more to the left or right politically.

Helping Make Big Data Actionable

This is one of the first times we have invited our brand partners to dive into the treasure trove of data we have on listening trends and audience behavior. In several cases, this has already lead to more informed and strategic campaigns.

For example, a local food and beverage company recently used Audience Explorer to discover that their target audience skews multicultural. This allowed the brand to think about new ways of connecting with their customers with across culturally relevant touch points.

Interested in learning more? Your Pandora sales representative is ready to provide you with an Audience Explorer report on any targeting segments you already use on Pandora. And if you’re new to Pandora advertising, all you need to do is fill out this form and we’ll get in touch to see how our data insights can help power an audience-first marketing plan for your brand.