March Podcast Roundup: Women Behind the Mic

Mar 8, 2023

Women’s History Month is a wonderful time to celebrate the accomplishments of strong women throughout history—and spotlight the incredible women of today who are breaking boundaries and inspiring the next generation of female leaders. We know many powerful podcasters who are doing just that.

We even conducted a study in partnership with Edison Research, the 2022 Women’s Podcast Listener Report. And we discovered that the future of podcasting is female:

  • Nearly half of all listeners—48% of US monthly podcast listeners are female.

  • Supporting other women—90% of female monthly podcast listeners say they listen to at least one podcast hosted or produced by a woman.

  • Making recommendations—84% of female monthly podcast listeners say they ever recommend podcasts to their friends and family.

Female podcast listeners are a force. And according to Edison Research, we reach more of them than anyone else! Here are our top female-hosted podcast picks.

WHM Significant Others
Significant Others - Trailer

Get to Know Hidden Historical Figures

Significant Others from TeamCoco is the perfect podcast pick for listeners eager to uncover unwritten stories in history. Did you know that Lolita wouldn’t exist if Nabokov’s wife hadn’t stopped her husband from burning the manuscript? Or that Gandhi learned his legendary method of passive resistance from his wife? Each episode of Significant Others tells the story of a talented, lesser-known individual who altered the destiny of their better-known partner, child, sibling, or friend. Alongside any famous name, there is often another story to tell—of an intimate relationship that made all the difference. Its 80% female audience raves that the show is fascinating, unique, and engaging.

WHM Ologies
Ologies - Trailer

Find Your New Favorite Ology

Awarded “Best Science Podcast” at the 2022 iHeart Awards, Ologies brings listeners a pocket full of science knowledge every week. From volcanoes and funerals to bees and Egypt, humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward (Netflix’s “100 Humans”) delivers charming and bizarre stories about what fuels professional -ologists' obsessions—and reassures aspiring women in STEM that even their wildest curiosities might just qualify as scientific study. Her listeners love to learn, with 76% holding a bachelor's degree or higher.

WHM Where My Moms At?
Where My Moms At - Trailer

Laugh Out Loud with a Community of Moms

According to Edison and SXM Media’s 2022 Women’s Podcast Report, comedy is the #1 podcast genre for women. If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than the Your Mom’s House Network. Christina P. is a comedian and exhausted mother of two young boys. Where My Moms At? explores all things parenting—from colossal mom fails to the quiet rage you feel when your toddler won't nap. Christina P. is one of the biggest comedians in podcasting and Where My Moms At? connects with moms like few other shows are able. Nearly half (46%) of listeners are parents to children under 18, leaving five star reviews surrounding the podcast's unique balance of hilarity and sincerity.

WHM The Bellas Podcast
The Bellas Podcast - Trailer

Get a glimpse into the Bella Army Media Empire

WWE Superstars, TV personalities, and entrepreneurs, Nikki and Brie Bella are turning off the cameras and turning on the mics to give you inside access to their lives like never before. Welcome to The Bellas Podcast—a variety show where the Bella twins go head to head in a weekly trivia battle, duke it out over juicy debate topics, kill some rumors, and answer questions tweeted in from the Bella Army. Listeners are pop culture enthusiasts, with 70% subscribing to a premium ad-free streaming video service. The sisters bring a fierce, confident energy into everything they do, inspiring women inside and outside the ring.

WHM In Their Court
In Their Court - Trailer

Learn the Facts About Inequality in Women’s Sports

It has been 50 years since Title IX passed into law, so why do so many issues of inequity continue to persist in women’s sports, in the male-dominated world of college sports, and in American society as a whole? From NBC News and NBC Sports, In Their Court is a five-part podcast that explores the evolution of Title IX through the eyes of one sport: women’s basketball. You’ll hear about the women who made history fighting for a chance to play, and the women still working to this day to create true equality in sports.

WHM Hysteria
Hysteria - Trailer

Get Expert Analysis on Issues Affecting Women

Political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco are joined by a bicoastal squad of funny, opinionated women to talk through everything from reproductive rights to rom coms. In Hysteria, they break down the political news of the week, plus the topics, trends, and cultural stories that affect women’s lives. Listeners are highly educated, with 96% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. This podcast is developed, produced, edited, and hosted entirely by women. And fittingly, 91% of listeners are women, making it the perfect show to wrap up our Women’s History Month podcast picks.

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