Amp Up your Mobile Monetization Strategies

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Join us at GDC 2014 to learn how.

What: Pandora’s Speaker Session and Interactive Booth at Game Developers Conference 2014
  • Speaker Session Wed, March 19, 2-3pm in Room 301
  • Interactive Booth March 19-21, all day at Booth #2424
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco

For game developers, it all comes down to visibility. But it’s a mad ad world out there. Once the hard work is done and games are complete, most developers just count on ad partners to cut through the clutter and get their product in front of the right people. But all that help isn’t free, and by the time the agencies, networks, and exchanges are done taking a little off the top, those precious ad spends are worth as little as $0.25 for every dollar put in (source:AOL). Sound familiar?

Come visit us at Game Developers Conference 2014 to hear what it takes to cut out the middleman and hit the market with full force.

  • How do you make sure you’re reaching high-value mobile audiences that will spend on your game?
  • How do you keep them spending and measure the results?
  • What kind of targeting can you expect from publishers?
  • How can you put together creative that converts, without the help of an agency?
Andre DeRussy, our executive sales director, will kick things off with “Music and Mobile: Amping Up Your Monetization Strategies” on Wednesday from 2-3pm in Room 301. Drop in for the first 20 minutes to hear his five most crucial tips on how to do direct ad buys like a pro. If you like what you hear, stick around for a breakout session, where you can focus on the tip that’s most relevant to your business.

Can’t make the session or want some personal attention? Come by booth #2424 and geek out about how to drive installs, push in-app purchases, and acquire high-value customers. Or, if you just want to play with our fancy photo wall and trade secrets on building the best Pandora station, that’s cool too!

With over 25,000 professionals expected to attend the gaming world’s largest and longest-running event, there isn’t better place to step up your game than GDC 2014. We’re excited to play a part (cue the entrance music). Hope to see you there!