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Music As a Safe Haven For Brands

Jul 7, 2020

2020, it’s been quite. a. ride. And while we are undoubtedly going to face some more ch-ch-changes (RIP the great David Bowie), one thing throughout all this has remained unchanged: music as a safe haven.

In a world where diverse opinions, values, and beliefs seem to be clashing head on, music has been the universal force—overcoming language barriers and unifying people of different cultures and backgrounds. Consumers across the country have turned toward music to connect, to heal, to express themselves, to calm their souls.

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But, we’re not just talking about consumers. You, too, can rely on digital audio as a safe space to communicate your brand message and connect with listeners with peace of mind. In today’s climate, quality environment, data privacy, and transparency are increasingly critical issues for brands, and we are constantly working to offer more features to ensure our partners’ audio advertising is verified and brand safe.

Your Concerns are Our Top Priority

It’s important to us that you feel confident in your marketing plan and investment—which is why we built our principles and practices specifically around transparency and security.

Be Side-by-Side with Quality Content. Because music accounts for a large majority of total listening time (77%), maintaining quality for both the advertiser and the listener is our utmost priority. Our music catalog is carefully reviewed by a team of experts, so you can rest assured your message is among content that is legally and professionally produced.

Avoid Ad Fraud. With Pandora, every single user is logged-in. Which means our data is built on real people, real time behaviors, and real signals—significantly reducing the possibility of bots close to 0%. On top of defending against ad fraud, the logged-in user base enables robust first-party data and premium audience targeting.

Buy On Your Terms. Whether you prefer to purchase our premium audio, display, or video inventory with a direct insertion order or programmatically through a DSP, we offer flexible buying models to best meet your needs. If you’re looking to find audience scale without sacrificing quality inventory and environment, you can do so through our premium programmatic private marketplace offerings.

Verify with Independent 3P Measurement. We believe that independent ad verification partnerships are an important aspect to evaluate the value of your campaigns. With a variety of 3P measurement offerings available, you can measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns, including ad verification and fraud, powered by the Open Measurement SDK.

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Pandora Stands for Quality

When you partner with us, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our guiding principle has always been building trust and confidence with our advertisers. And, we’ll continue to do whatever we can to deliver you the scale, targetability, and quality you need to reach and succeed your digital marketing goals.

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