#MusicForMom: Help Us Give Mom the Gift of Music

The second Sunday in May isn’t just the “Black Friday” of the floral industry. Or the day when the highest number of phone calls are made across the globe.

It’s the day we get to honor our moms--the sacrifices they make to raise us and the profound influence motherhood has on our society.

With so many mothers being celebrated this coming Mother’s Day, it’s important to note that no two are the same. Similar to how Pandora plays music personalized to each individual listener, we recognize that every mom dances to the beat of her own drum. From “Millennial Moms” and “Multicultural Moms,” to “New Moms” and even “Foodie Moms,” each has a unique take on the world that is often passed on to her children.

With more than 2 million moms tuning into Pandora weekly, we know that the sharing of beliefs and tastes between mother and child often involves music. So, to get ready for Mother’s Day this year, we’re asking you to tell us more about your music relationship with mom: What kind of music do you listen to together? Where do you listen to most? And who is your favorite badass musician mom?

We invite you to take the 8-question survey below to tell us more. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to submit the name of a song or artist that reminds you of your mom--or motherhood in general--to be added to an extra special #MusicForMom Pandora station that will launch on May 12.

In the meantime, tweet us your favorite (or most entertaining!) music moment with mom at @PandoraBrands using the hashtag #MusicForMom.

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