Now Boarding: The Bleisure Traveler

Despite putting it off for days, it’s finally time to start packing for that mandatory conference that your boss told you about at the very last minute. The morning of the trip you’re frantically searching your home for your wallet and device chargers while you roll your eyes wishing you didn’t have to travel again for work. But when you get into the taxi to the airport it hits you and the stress starts to subside—this isn’t just business, it’s bleisure.

“Bleisure” travel, or business travel extended for leisure, is a concept that may already seem familiar to some—but is a rapidly growing trend. As more and more business travelers turn their trips into bleisure, advertising opportunities arise in the Travel and Tourism sector.

Pandora consulted a survey board of listeners to unpack the varied travel behaviors and opinions of our listeners. According to the study, 70% of Pandora listeners travel for business and 6 in 10 of those listeners have extended their business trip to include a few personal days to explore a city. In the past, advertisers have had a difficult time connecting with the business traveler, but understanding this trend opens the door to a plethora of ways to reach consumers that may have previously been overlooked.

Let’s take a look at CES, the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. Businesspeople all over the globe make their way to Las Vegas each year to partake. For many, Las Vegas is an attractive destination for leisure in addition to their business needs due to the wide variety of entertainment, dining, and weather, depending on the traveler’s origin. In fact, 58% of Pandora listeners said that Dining was their top favorite vacation activity followed closely by beer or wine tasting, spa treatments, and gaming and/or betting.

NOW LAUNCHING: Pandora Travel + Tourism

Travel and Tourism advertisers often face the issue of their consumer not being ‘one size fits all’. This creates a struggle to tap into travelers with the right messaging, resulting in wasted impressions.

Pandora’s newly launched Travel and Tourism Vertical allows advertisers the ability to reach millions of business travelers and articulate creative messaging that is most powerful for their specific bleisure needs.

With access to over 200 Travel and Tourism-specific audience segments and a full suite of rich product solutions, Pandora’s Travel and Tourism Vertical helps advertisers identify and reach their travelers using their budget efficiently and strategically.

Ready to engage your traveling audience? Reach out to Laura Fernandez, Sales Director of the Travel + Tourism Vertical.

Source: Pandora Soundboard Study August 2018