Pandora Advertisers Can Now Target Based on Artist Affinity

More than ever before, marketers are realizing the need to connect with consumers in personalized and contextually relevant ways. Even at this year’s TV upfronts, data-based advertising emerged as the strongest sector, demonstrating to the rest of the advertising industry that if you’re not approaching your media strategies with data, you may be losing out on precious mindshare. Effective advertising needs to be targeted, and targeting needs to be thoughtful and curated to the platform the media is running on. Today, that means we need to target beyond the demographic and behavioral data we are used to. Because, let’s face it, Advertisers often only have one chance to resonate with a consumer and that opportunity can’t be wasted.

When it comes to creating innovative targeting solutions on Pandora, we don’t need to look any further than our listening data or checking in on what our data scientists are up to. Eighty-five million listeners engage with Pandora every month, sending us 1 billion (or more!) data signals daily--and it’s this data that our data scientists use to bring quality targeting solutions to our brand partners.

With the launch of Pandora’s Artist Affinity Score, we’re taking listener data to the next level. Born out of Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform, which is dedicated to connecting artists with their fans, the Artist Affinity Score provides advertisers with a comprehensive method of identifying any artist’s top fans. This represents a powerful intersection of artist, listener, and artist-listener paired data signals that allow Pandora to systematically score any given listener’s level of preference for a particular artist on Pandora. It goes beyond identifying someone who has simply listened to a station by a particular artist, or has thumbed-up their music. It looks at multiple positive and negative data signals, ensuring we can accurately assign an affinity to even the most passive listeners, capturing those who would have been missed if only one or two data points were incorporated.

How Advertisers Can Plug In

Not only is the Artist Affinity Score used when targeting artist audio messages, but it now fuels Artist Fan Segments for advertisers to target against. Artist Fan Segments, comprised of any artists top fans on Pandora, represent a way for advertisers to insert contextual relevance in their targeting strategies through the passion point of music.

Just think, a sunscreen brand could reach people who are super fans of popular reggae artists, tapping into those who have a vacation state-of-mind. Or a new reality television show featuring a host who is also a musical artist could reach fans of that artist to capitalize on audience synergy. This is targeting that goes beyond basic demographics or a static purchase history, but instead utilizes actual listener preferences to increase the targeting relevancy on a platform where listening behaviors matter most.

Find the Artist Affinity Score through Audience Explorer

We recently announced the launch of Audience Explorer, which gives advertisers customizable and real-time insights backed by Pandora’s robust data into all of Pandora’s 2,000+ audience segments. The Artist Affinity Score is a powerful new feature within this tool, enabling Pandora’s brand partners to understand their target audience’s favorite artists.

These insights let marketers discover new, data-driven approaches to target their customers on Pandora in more contextual ways. Our brand partners can now enhance their targeting strategies to include Artist Fan Segments based on their audience’s favorite artists, or the data can be used to power custom artist programs and brand stations with the most relevant artists and music. With Pandora’s Artist Affinity Score, brands gain access to key insights that allow them communicate with their target audiences in more contextually relevant and personalized ways, ensuring they are reaching those who matter most using data that only Pandora can provide.

If you’re ready to speak with one of our data experts on how to create a new targeting campaign with Artist Fan Segments, get in touch here.