Pandora and Oracle Data Cloud Partner to Deliver Sales Insights for Auto and CPG Brands

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

For marketers, being able to accurately measure a campaign’s impact on in-store sales truly is the holy grail. With 67% of the buyer’s journey happening online, digital marketing has never been more directly connected to offline sales. It’s also the thing that keeps marketers awake at night and a challenge that here at Pandora, we’ve taken to heart.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Oracle Data Cloud on two important measurement initiatives: a custom offline sales meta-test of consumer packaged goods (CPG) campaigns and automotive Buy Through Rate (BTR) measurement.

Linking Pandora Listeners To Real-World Purchases

Connecting online ad exposure to offline sales requires billions of data points. Massive scale is crucial. With more than 76 million logged-in listeners per month, 1 billion data signals every day, and cross-platform reach, Pandora is uniquely positioned to provide our advertisers with the crucial data they need.

How did it work? In both the CPG and Auto studies, Pandora‘s listener data was matched anonymously, one-to-one with Oracle Data Cloud user-level data set. Pandora’s cross-platform media was then connected with offline transactional consumer data from the Oracle Data Cloud

CPG Brands See Sales Lift

Earlier this year, we ran an Oracle DLX ROI analysis that measured 17 CPG campaigns on Pandora to discover how they translated to actual sales. Marketers take note - the results are in and they are stunning. Here’s what we learned:

Strong Sales Performance More than 75% of campaigns drove statistically significant incremental sales through either a short term sales spike or bringing new consumers to the advertised products.

The Power of Audio Audio ads drove an average 2.6x ROAS across campaigns.

Hungry for More CPG food campaigns were especially successful, exceeding Oracle Data Cloud sales norms by 13% and penetration lift norms by 72% (meaning Pandora attracted new buyers or shortened the sales cadence of existing buyers).

Mobile FTW Thanks to Pandora’s huge mobile audience, mobile campaigns drove the majority of incremental sales.

Connecting Audience Performance to Vehicle Sales

Campaign-level sales insights are equally important for automotive marketers as their CPG counterparts. Yet, auto purchase cycles are even longer and more complex, making sales attribution a struggle.

Pandora is proud to lead the charge in this space and is the first non-endemic publisher to leverage Oracle Data Cloud Buy Through Rate at a raw impression/user level, exposing detailed and granular campaign-level insights.

BTR is a standard industry metric created and validated by Oracle Data Cloud. It matches campaign ad exposure (publisher data) to household vehicle purchase data enabled by IHS Markit (Polk) in a given timeframe. BTR validates the likelihood of an ad-exposed consumer to purchase a new vehicle.
This Spring, the Oracle Data Cloud helped us analyze 34 automotive campaigns in a beta BTR test. We were provided with an eye-opening snapshot of our strength in reaching auto buyers:

BTR In 75% of the beta campaigns, the exposed Pandora audience was 67% more likely to purchase a vehicle, on average, than the national baseline.

Sales Amongst the beta campaigns, a combined 150K+ vehicles sold were registered to households that were exposed to an ad on Pandora.

As our beta test showed, Pandora performs incredibly well for automotive brands. Oracle Data Cloud is a key part of the attribution equation and we are thrilled to have such a powerful measurement solution. Meaghan Kessman, VP Automotive, Pandora
Whether you’re selling a $4.99 item at the grocery store or a $50,000 SUV, the ability to measure in-store sales impact is a never-ending challenge. Fortunately, Pandora and Oracle Data Cloud have come together to help you crack the code and share the insights you need to maximize your ad dollars.

To learn more about our work with Oracle Data Cloud, get in touch with us here or contact your Pandora Account Executive.