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We understand that reaching teens can be challenging. This elusive demo is quick to shift brand loyalties and adopt new technologies, which often changes their consumption habits. One constant is the passionate relationship teens have with music – it’s the soundtrack to their regularly changing lives. That’s where Pandora comes in.

As the top music discovery destination for teens, we understand that unearthing new artists and songs helps teens expand their tastes, stay current with friends and family, and express their own identity. According to our data, 73% of teens on Pandora say that music discovery is their number one reason for listening to us.

In addition to knowing why they love Pandora, our research has uncovered three key traits that every advertiser reaching teens needs to consider.

  1. They’re mobile — With devices as appendages, teens are digitally joined at the hip to their friends, family and music. 25% of teens access the Internet via a mobile device “most of the time”, according to a 2013 report by Pew. In fact, 85% of teens on Pandora tune-in via mobile. This always-on connection presents advertisers with more touch points to reach teens than ever before. Because teens spend over two hours per day with us, Pandora delivers a captive teen audience and levels of mobile engagement difficult to find elsewhere with this group.
  2. They’re particular — To be current with teens, marketers need to understand what they value: simplicity, connectivity, and the ability to craft their identity in an environment that fosters privacy. 62% of teens listen to Pandora because they can personalize their experience, and tapping into that experience results in powerful brand lift metrics.
  3. They’re demanding — Today’s teens know what they want, and they want it right now. As the first generation to grow up digital, it’s all about immediacy and individuality. With so many choices literally at their fingertips, reaching, engaging, and resonating with teens can be a challenge. Pandora has proven itself fad-proof by tapping into the cultural relevancy of teens’ personalized music and the magic of music discovery – even as teens’ tastes, consumption and expectations shift. In fact, 45% of teens say they listen on Pandora because we’re cool.
Partnering together, marketers and Pandora can reach teens in meaningful ways while they engage with the music they crave, throughout their day. Pandora is truly the soundtrack to teens’ lives.