Pandora Listeners Shop Early for Back-to-School

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

From school supplies and dorm decorations, to the latest clothing and fashion, there is no shortage of retail activity during the final months of summer as consumers prepare for a new school year. Parents and students alike have a vested interest in researching and purchasing items they feel will bring success in all their future educational endeavors.

At Pandora, 46% of our listener base (A18+) falls into what we've deemed the “back-to-school audience,” made up of 33% parents of current students and 16% students enrolled in higher education programs. Directly following the 4th of July holiday, we asked these listeners to tell us whether they had already started the back-to-school shopping process or not. With 4-8 weeks left before class begins (depending on the school district or university), the purchasing trends we collected in this survey definitely quality as early-bird shopping.

What we discovered is that by early July, nearly half of our back-to-school listeners are already in the shopping mindset. And between parents and students, students take the lead for researching and purchasing products early--especially using digital methods. See more of our findings in the infographic below:

Even with all of this shopping activity, our survey also revealed that only 5% of Pandora’s back-to-school audience is done shopping. That leaves 24% who still have more to do and 65% who haven’t even started! So it’s never too late to brush up on your back-to-school marketing best practices--either for this year or to get ahead for next year. Because let’s be honest, knowledge is power when it comes to both education AND marketing. Download a copy of our eBook, Summer Break Means Back-to-School for Marketers, today.

SOURCE: Pandora Soundboard, Back-to-School Poll I and II, A18+ (N=1,248, 1,254), July 2017