Pandora + Twitter Predict Billboard Latin Music Award Winners

Claudia Oddo, Manager, Sales Marketing

Latin music is centerstage. From Camila Cabello opening up the Grammys to J. Balvin becoming the first Latin-music headliner at Lollapalooza, the music is taking pop culture up by storm. In honor of this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards, we joined forces with Twitter, using the combined power of our data and analytics to predict who will win big at this year’s awards.

The Power of Latin Music

Pandora listeners love Latin music. The genre ranks #1 in the top Hispanic markets, attracting close to 20 million unique visitors a month.1 Our listeners are constantly engaging with the genre, thumbing their favorite songs and creating a personal soundtrack that is as unique as their thumbprint.

4000 P+T Latin Music Awards-04

On Twitter, Latin music is one of the leading topics of conversation among US Hispanics, as 84% of users say music is important to them.2 The importance of Latin Music is also seen through an increase in chatter; up +24% in the last two years, also driven by an +25% increase in people Tweeting.3 And, they love Pandora! Hispanic Twitter users rank Pandora as a top audio streaming music service, and are +28% more likely to use Pandora vs. the average Hispanic mobile user. 4

The Predictions Are In…

We at Pandora and Twitter have kept our thumbs on the pulse of #whatshappening with Latin music. To come up with this year’s predictions, we looked at the top streaming artists and songs on Pandora, the number of times our listeners voted for those songs by touching the “thumbs up” icon on the screen, and the conversations on Twitter that bubbled to the surface to truly make Latin music pop.

4000 P+T Latin Music Awards Chart R2

Our listeners’ engagement with Latin has elevated the music to the top. Every time a listener thumbs up a song it's an opportunity for a brand to connect with a highly engaged audience. With an average of 48M thumbs a month,5 brands have multiple opportunities to serve messages that truly resonate with the Hispanic audience. These messages perform well when served to Hispanic listeners on Pandora, outperforming engagement benchmarks by +50%.6

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