Press Play: Engage Influential Black Audiences Through the Power of Audio

With a spending power of $1.2 trillion, the African American audience is one of the most essential markets for advertisers to reach. This group of consumers is at the forefront of innovation—full of trendsetters, tastemakers, and cultural expression.

However, reaching them can be tricky; Pandora is here to help. With Nidia Serrano, our Director of Multicultural Audience Marketing, Burrell Communications, and over 810 minutes of interviews with consumers, we crafted the eBook Press Play: Engage Influential Black Audiences Through the Power of Audio to look at behaviors, patterns, and insights that will help advertisers connect with their multicultural audiences.

Here are our top learnings:

Understand the influence.

African Americans have powerful influences, from music to fashion and more. In fact, they move through trends faster than any other audience, using creativity and innovation as an outlet for self-expression. They are often some of the first of their friends to find out about a new artist or song, and share those recommendations with their community. Black listeners are often 3–4 months ahead of everyone else when discovering the latest music.

Embrace the changing landscape.

As with any audience, African American consumers are not monolithic. Black culture is fluid and multifaceted. These consumers report that music helps celebrate their pride in their heritage, and helps them feel closer to artists who recognize and acknowledge the movements of today.

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Walk the talk.

Audio has the power to make connections, especially when it’s personalized. And, here’s the proof: campaigns targeted to Black listeners on Pandora exceeded engagement benchmarks by over 70%. With music being such a close part of our daily lives in our earbuds and homes, having ads that feel welcome in those spaces drive better results. The important part is making sure emotion, meaning, and an accurate reflection of culture are present in your message.

It’s time to reach your African American audience in a way that truly connects with them. From must-know statistics to top trending songs to best practices, this eBook will help you reach this powerful listener in a personal, relevant way.

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