Propel Launches New Stations Curated by Fitness Influencers

We believe there’s more to being a publisher than providing ad space and selling ads. After all, publishers do occupy a unique position in the ad ecosystem--somewhere in the middle of media, technology, innovation and tradition.

So when we have the opportunity to apply our knowledge and expertise to a brand’s success, and to become a true partner with them, we cherish it. This has been the case with Propel, the electrolyte replacement drink and member of The Gatorade Company.

After a very successful campaign in 2016 that (quite literally) got Propel’s target audience of Fitness Enthusiasts moving, we were pleased to partner with them again on a groundbreaking new campaign that’s even more dynamic than the last. Bringing together custom music content, fitness influencers and engagement-based advertising, this first-to-market activation is set to expand Propel’s reach and awareness among passionate exercisers on Pandora.

As we already know, there is an undeniable relationship between music and exercise. A great song can push you to dig deep and give it your all. Similarly, the electrolytes in Propel keep you going through even the ugliest of workouts. This campaign taps into the power of music and is the first time Pandora has curated a series of station experiences with influential fitness personalities--each emulating the feel of a popular studio workout. Starting May 31, Pandora listeners now have three new ways to energize their favorite workout routines:

Power Plyo Hosted by Gideon Akande (Genre: Hip Hop / Rap) Play Power Plyo Station

Cardio Beats Hosted by Nicole Winhoffer (Genre: Today’s Top Pop / Hip Hop) Play Cardio Beats Station

Sculpt House Hosted by Vanessa Packer (Genre: Indie / Electronic) Play Sculpt House Station

In the spirit of giving listeners more ways to move, Propel is also tapping into Pandora’s recently launched Premium service to give listeners special, influencer-selected “Power Up” tracks available for on-demand listening. These new tracks launch today on each station and include Jessie J’s new song “Get Ugly,” created specifically for Propel to “inspire and motivate people to get their exercise on.”

Don’t miss the chance to add one (or all!) of these stations to your summertime workout playlist. If you’re a brand that’s interested in harnessing the power of music to do something unique for your audience, get in touch with us today.