PTM Lighting Round: Tara Rush, CMO, Audi of America

Our lightning round guest,

Tara Rush, is no stranger to being the only female executive in a boardroom, having worked in male-dominated industries for the past 10+ years. Before joining
Audi of America
, where she is now the Chief Marketing Officer, Tara spent six years in the beer industry which, much like automotive, historically lacks in female leadership.

Nominated in

PRWeeks 40 Under 40 in 2016, Tara has been a stand out marketer for years, handling everything from brand communications, brand advocacy, marketing, and more. Most recently Tara was recognized as one of the
2021 Top 100 Women in Brand Marketing
& Women to Watch by Brand Innovators, while also receiving the
2021 Rising Stars Award
from Automotive News. 

Tara refreshingly describes her role at Audi of America’s CMO as, “[being] the contagious energy that transforms a flame into a fire, a game into a carnival, or a melody into a symphony.”  Watch for more on Tara’s thoughts on vulnerability in the workplace, how she’s seen these male dominated industries begin to evolve, and more. 

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