Reach More Listeners with Pandora and Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe partnered with Pandora to understand the current trends in usage, design and impact of advertising and interest in digital audio among consumers and marketers.

With the growing excitement and adoption of digital audio, Pandora is expanding its partnership with Adobe beyond display and video. We now give brands access to one of the largest streaming audio audiences in the U.S. Pandora’s recent Ad Sales partnership with SoundCloud allows marketers using Adobe Advertising Cloud to seamlessly reach more than 120 million users each month.

Audio is a key platform for marketers to reach their desired audiences beyond traditional digital mediums such as search, display and video. Brands already relying on Adobe Advertising Cloud can now broaden their reach and scale options to deliver even greater connected advertising experiences.

The rise of digital audio

Nearly half of organizations plan to increase their investment in digital audio advertising by an average of 35%.

Nearly two-thirds of mid-sized organizations plan to shift nearly half their spend from traditional radio to digital audio.

40% of organizations plan to shift audio advertising budgets from manual buys to automated buying (such as via private marketplaces via a DSP).

Trust in advertising hinges on using data effectively to deliver a better product or experience.

41% of consumers agree and over half of GenZ/Millennials agree Digital Audio is a multitasking environment IN WHICH consumption happens DURING other activities.

88% of consumers listen to digital audio while doing activities like cooking and cleaning, with nearly half doing so over 25% of the time.

Audio drives engagement

1 in 4 consumers buy or search for a product or service after hearing an audio ad, and 1 in 3 consumers search for product or service details after hearing an audio ad.

Source: Adobe Digital Advertising Study, Marketers & Consumers, February 2019 (Research partner Advanis)