Seeing is Believing: Griffin & Reed Eye Care – A Case Study

Recently Griffin & Reed Eye Care, a laser vision correction and eye care provider with locations in Northern California priding themselves on providing the latest procedures and technologies to correct vision with safety and precision, was struggling to find the right patients. They came to us with their problem and we were happy to help.

The Opportunity

A traditional radio client, Griffin & Reed Eye Care was seeing radio results drop 5-7% YOY. Understanding the clients needs and challenges, Pandora offered the client creative solutions while reaching a larger audience. Griffin & Reed Eye Care hesitantly dropped a poor performing radio station they had been using for more than 14 years and added Pandora to their media mix.

The Pandora Solution

Pandora’s ability to geo and demo target played a key role in the success of this campaign. Pandora’s logged-in user base eliminated any guesswork or wasted impressions. Campaign optimization proved crucial, maximizing effectiveness of the ad spend. With the ability to regularly review the campaign performance and evaluate leads, Pandora was able to make every impression a smart impression!

Griffin & Reed Eye Care utilized Pandora’s Audio Everywhere platform, targeting adults 35+ in their MSA. Seeing an immediate uplift in mobile visits to their site they shifted their dollars to Pandora’s Mobile Audio platform and opened up their audience pool to include adults 30+.

Seeing Is Believing

The Results

  • Griffin & Reed Eye Care saw a 2,608% increase in mobile device activity and a 107% increase in tablet activity since January 2014.
  • LASIK evaluations saw an 18% increase YOY
  • Surgeries increased 13% YOY
  • 50% more patients said they found Griffin & Reed LASIK Eye Care on the internet.
(Source: Google Analytics, October 15, 2013-April 14, 2014)

“If you develop a powerful message and couple it with Pandora’s precision targeting capabilities, it’s pretty impossible to fail.”

– Brad Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer – Griffin & Reed Eye Care.