Location, Location, Location!


The strategy behind picking venues for experiential marketing.

It’s not just a mantra used by real estate agents; the right location is key to a successful experiential event. From selecting the right city all the way down to the nitty-gritty details for each event space, venues can make or break events.

Location is especially important at South by Southwest. In a festival where over 400,000 people flock to Austin and hundreds of official and unofficial events are vying for attention, if you’re not in a prime location you can get lost in the shuffle. This year’s Pandora Discovery Den is at The Gatsby. In the heart of the popular Red River District on the 6th Street main drag, The Gatsby puts our Den in the thick of foot traffic, which is key to getting people excited and into the experience.

Just like the artists selected to play at an event can set the tone, so can a venue. As a venue that has never been a part of SXSW, The Gatsby fits the Pandora Discovery Den’s mission to foster relationships from the ground up. Emulating the idea of discovery, Pandora and this newly remodeled venue have partnered together to specifically showcase the Den and open The Gatsby’s doors to the public for the first time ever.

The Den will also be visible from the street with no other venues flanking it, adding not only to the exposure, but creating an inviting feel. We’ve even turned the parking lot next door into an open-to-the-public Pandora rest and relaxation area. Complete with food trucks, bar games and even a big wheel tricycle racetrack, the lot will allow all festival attendees the chance to enjoy the music and interact with brands.

By selecting the right location for events, all of these things and more are made possible.

Come check out the Pandora Discovery Den at SXSW to see just how important location selection is to excellent experiential opportunities.

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