TAG Publisher Sourcing Disclosure

Pandora Media is a participant in the Trustworthy Accountability Group (“TAG”) and maintains an active “Certified Against Fraud” standing with them. This certification was obtained, in part, due to Pandora’s commitment to the promotion of transparency in the advertising marketplace. As part of that ongoing commitment to transparency, Pandora will be disclosing certain information related to the use of what TAG defines as “Paid Traffic Sources” (provided below) by Pandora in connection with the Pandora properties—including, at minimum, the overall percentage of “visits” (as defined by TAG and provided below) in the most recent calendar quarter that were from Paid Traffic Sources. While the disclosures in this Description of Methodology are made in good faith, Pandora shall not be responsible or liable to any party for any inaccuracies resulting from or related to the unavailability or incompleteness of relevant data, or an error, fault and/or unknowing/unintentional omissions on the part of Pandora ort a third party providing Pandora with such information.

TAG defines a “Visit” to be the “activities from a uniquely identified client that ends when there are 30 consecutive minutes of inactivity between the client and the server”. TAG considers a Visit to be acquired through “Paid Traffic Sources” if “the first page view is from a Paid Traffic Source”. A “Paid​ ​Traffic​ ​Source​” is defined by TAG as any “third party that receives monetary consideration from a publisher to drive traffic to another publisher” seeking to acquire more visitors.

Percentage of Paid Traffic:

Quarter Percentage
Q1, 2019 5.09%
Q2, 2019 4.84%
Q3, 2019 3.19%
Q4, 2019 5.00%
Q1, 2020 3.76%
Q2, 2020 4.70%
Q3, 2020 4.49%
Q4, 2020 3.77%

Pandora TAG Certified Against Fraud