Take It Easy with Pandora’s Agency Integration


Listening to Pandora is easy. It’s easy to register, easy to create stations, and easy to personalize. It’s one of the reasons Pandora is the most popular Internet radio service in the U.S. When it comes to advertising, we wanted to make sure that Pandora is just as easy to evaluate and buy as it is to be a listener.

With that goal in mind, last year we we announced a partnership with two of the leading agency media management platforms, STRATA and Mediaocean. Agencies can now use the same simple workflow for Pandora buys that is used to transact business with local radio stations and rep firms.

For example, proposals from Pandora can be sent via an .xml file and uploaded directly into STRATA and Mediaocean. We’re also now able to send electronic invoices, cutting down on backend workload – locating and matching invoices – and in doing so, dramatically minimize payment time.

In addition to the “radio-like” workflow, we’ve made evaluating Pandora’s audience easier by integrating our Triton ratings in these systems. Planners and buyers can now look at rankers in most major buying demos, across all radio MSAs, to see how we stack up against top local radio stations. Because Triton reflects our audience in AQH ratings and GRPs, Pandora can easily be integrated into the mix. Additionally, reach and frequency is available in both systems, showing the impact of adding Pandora to a buy.

Many of our agency customers have adopted this new process and told us that our integration into STRATA and Mediaocean has completely changed the way they work with Pandora.

Jennifer Hungerbuhler, the Senior Vice President/Group Director of Local Media Activation at Carat USA said on an IAB panel this year that, “Right now, Pandora is really the gold standard [of E-business]. They are far ahead of their competitors in transacting with us at scale.”

If you haven’t started to buy Pandora this way, why not join them? For more info, contact your Pandora rep or reach out here.