5 Audio Recommendations to Drown Out the Tax Day Blues

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

Tax Day is rapidly approaching, and whether you were ahead of the game this year or are still scrambling to fill out those pesky government forms, odds are you could use a little relief right now. Luckily, Pandora might be able to help with that.

When it comes to transporting your mind to a calmer, happier place, there’s nothing like audio to get the job done. Unlike visual forms of media, audio has the ability to jump-start the imagination. It can carry you to new places or bring you back to old ones. It’s been said that sound is second only to smell in terms of creating lasting memories, so it’s no wonder the right song can conjure up the same positive feelings you felt in the past. Not only are positive vibes important during tax season, but the ability to multitask while listening to audio is also useful (especially if you have yet to file).

While we can’t help you settle your debts with Uncle Sam, we can provide some much-needed audio distractions to help ease the Tax Day blues. Check them out:

#1: “Taxman” by The Beatles

All of the greatest musicians have a knack for calling attention to the nuanced ups and downs of the human experience--tax season included. George Harrison of The Beatles wrote the song, “Taxman” after realizing how much money the band paid in taxes to the British Government--almost 95%! So, if you’d like to wallow away with George and the rest of the Fab Four, try seeding a new Pandora station with “Taxman.”


#2: Questlove Supreme

If a trip down “Abbey Lane” isn’t enough distraction, join Questlove instead for his weekly podcast exploring everything music through a mix of conversations, celebrity guest interviews and adventurous DJ sets. This 3-hour podcast has a similar feel to his popular NYU class that helped establish him as a music industry icon and tastemaker. New episodes launch every Wednesday and loop for the following 48 hours.


#3: The Power of Audio

You might prefer a distraction that also helps improve your marketing chops. Our new podcast series looks to the experts to better understand how to harness the power of audio to connect with consumers. Episodes one and two both explore the important role of sonic branding in making an impression.


#4: Outlaw Country

If you’d prefer to observe America’s least favorite day with a touch of rebelliousness, take a listen to our pre-curated genre station, Outlaw Country. Currently 3.3 million listeners strong, the station features stars like Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. The latter of whom is especially well known for embodying the themes of sorrow and redemption--emotions many of us may feel this time of year. Cash’s song, “After Taxes” is likely to make an appearance too.


#5. Sam Crowther: The Power of Sound

There’s much to be said about how audio impacts our thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you’re interest in audio leans more toward advertising than entertainment, we highly recommend checking out Sam Crowther’s presentation on the “Power of Sound.” Sam is the Head of Creative for a dynamic ads company based in London that recently partnered with Pandora (learn more about the partnership here). Although this is a video of his presentation at Next Radio 2016, he uses only audio clips instead of slides to make his points.


We hope our audio suggestions might help lessen the stress many feel around tax time. Tweet us at @PandoraBrands to let us know what audio you’re listening to relieve the Tax Day blues.