The 2019 Rewind: A Playlist of Our Favorite Audio Ads

2019 gave us some top hits in the music world: Lizzo’s breakthrough album, the Jonas Brothers’ return, Beyonce’s iconic Homecoming documentary, and Taylor Swift’s Artist of the Decade win. At Pandora, 2019 gave us opportunities to create an even more customized experience for you. We launched our Mood Score, introduced our in-house creative consultancy Studio Resonate, and joined forces with SiriusXM to become the world’s largest audio entertainment company, just to name a few.

And it’s not just the music that’s becoming more personalized—our advertising campaigns this year saw some of the most innovative, creative ways to tell a brand story and engage listeners. Here’s our playback for marketers of the year on Pandora. Take a look and listen, and get ready to be inspired to make 2020 the best year yet.

Are you a Madeline?
Big Little Lies Builds Playlists for Each Character

Are you a Madeline, Celeste, or Jane? Studio Resonate created the “Big Little Lies” campaign to deliver a full sonic experience around the show. Listeners took a personality quiz that told them which character they were most like, then drove them to a station representing that character’s musical tastes. The show’s music was the most-searched thing about it on Google, and creating an audio campaign for the launch of season two was ideal for capturing the audience’s attention through the essence of what they loved about the show. This campaign not only drove awareness, but encouraged interaction through characters the audience already knew and loved.

Listeners Dive into the Bird Box World
with 3D Audio

Studio Resonate’s collaboration with Netflix dropped listeners into the suspenseful world of Bird Box, a Netflix Original film starring Sandra Bullock. The innovative 3D sound design immersed listeners in the gripping sonic landscape of the film, igniting their curiosity, and enticing them to watch the movie.

Fire, Ice, and Audio:
Game of Thrones Takes Over Pandora

Game of Thrones took over pop culture—so why not have it take over Pandora? Studio Resonate created a Pandora logo that showcased the icy side of Westeros, cracking to reveal the trailer for the last season. The ad tapped into all the elements people love about GoT and set up the mystery of the final season, driving even more suspense with the trailer.

A Sonic Science Taste Test with Propel’s Flavor DJ

Propel tasked Pandora’s Studio Resonate with the creation of an experiential activation designed to “hack” our perception of flavor by using sound as well as taste. The result: a Sound Boost dome, where participants at Propel’s Co:Lab event in Santa Monica had the opportunity to become “Flavor DJs.” Using a customized app created specifically for the event, attendees could blend two soundscapes, designed and tested by the Studio Resonate team to enhance the flavor perception of either the electrolytes or the fruit in Propel’s new blended fruit line of electrolyte enhanced water. The event encouraged listeners to visit Propel’s workout stations, get healthy, and discover the science behind how our senses work together, creating a unique moment of wonder and excitement for earbuds and taste buds alike.

Talk Back with Samantha Bee on Full Frontal

Voiced by Samantha Bee herself, this ad was one of the first voice ad tests that prompted listeners to talk back to the ad. Studio Resonate collaborated with the comedy writers of “Full Frontal” to encourage listeners to have a 2020 voting plan. The ad is an excellent example of using humor to entice a listener to engage with an ad, and shows how Studio Resonate’s work is on the cutting edge of digital innovation.

What Would You Do for a Customized Jingle? Klondike Personalizes to Listeners’ Tastes

Most of us can sing the “What would you do for a Klondike bar” riff, but Unilever wanted to give the familiar jingle a refresh. Studio Resonate created music spots that added a twist, serving the customized WWYD jingles that were targeted to the genre a Pandora listener had on, whether it was pop, country, rap, or comedy. The campaign took a signature from the brand and made it a part of what listeners were already enjoying on their stations, prompting them to be more receptive to ads that feel tailored to their interests.

Baby Dove is Here to Help New Parents
with the 3AM Club

Baby Dove launched their new product line by partnering with Pandora to create The 3AM Club, an artist-hosted station designed for parents to find what they need the most, from helpful tips to a good song. This campaign went beyond just advertising, offering real support to parents in every moment of this transformative chapter of their lives. Having an emotional connection to a brand creates strong brand loyalty, and by tapping into what parents really need, Pandora helped Baby Dove make that connection with their audience.

Dunkin’ Wants You To Try Its Coffee—
All You Have to Do is Say Yes

Studio Resonate created an exclusive, connected home ad for Dunkin’ to let users try samples of their new Shot in the Dark coffee drink. Starting out by introducing the product, the ad prompted listeners to ask their voice assistants to send them a sample directly, encouraging interaction and offering a tasty incentive to talk back. This ad made it easy for Dunkin’ to track engagement and allow listeners to get a free sample, making them loyal fans once they got a taste of the delicious product.

Creating Local Business Brand Awareness
with Park Mobile DC

Park Mobile DC faced the challenges of being a local advertiser trying to establish their brand, stay top-of-mind, and build understanding around their services. In this scenario, the wins were clear and simple: they cut right to the chase, stated their brand name upfront, then followed up with a clear call-to-action for the listener. They also demonstrated their local expertise and relevance by calling out local landmarks in D.C. to let listeners know they are part of the community.

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