The Advertiser's Guide to Multicultural Audiences

It was once the case that multicultural marketing initiatives were only considered after the general market strategy was in place--but no more.

The influence of these important consumers is rapidly expanding. Today, multicultural shoppers control more than $3.4 trillion in buying power thanks to a growing population, advancements in education and business, as well as an intense interest in everything tech.

According to the U.S. Census, the multicultural minority in the U.S. will become the majority in just three decades from now. So if you aren’t already thinking about how to effectively reach various multicultural segments, now is the time to wrap your head around who these audiences are.

In our latest industry white paper, we combine Pandora’s proprietary listening data with trusted, third-party research to reveal a fresh take on the four key multicultural trends every advertiser needs to know:

  1. The Future is Now
  2. Connected and In Control
  3. Culture Matters
  4. The Ultimate Unifier: Music

With these in mind, The Advertiser’s Guide to Multicultural Marketing provides a digestible look at the unique traits of Hispanic, Black and Asian-Americans. For any brand hoping to make a significant impact among a multicultural audience in 2017 and beyond, it will be critical to incorporate these insights and anecdotes into your strategic planning.

We may not be able to see into the future, but we do know that multicultural advertising is on track to become an even more significant part of our jobs as marketers. Stay ahead of the pack by downloading this informative white paper today.