The Future of Listener Identity is Here: SXM Media Introduces AudioID

If you’re a marketer, there isn’t a day that goes by without reading a headline about “cookies crumbling” or new privacy enforcements. And for good reason. The industry is shifting rapidly and will continue to do so as consumers rightfully assert control over their digital footprints. The result? Traditional identifiers (that the media industry has so heavily relied on) are becoming increasingly scarce. 

But at SXM Media, we have a positive mindset about it all. We saw these shifts as an opportunity to reimagine how we define listener identity and power the next generation of audio advertising. Enter: AdsWizz AudioID™, a first-to-market listener identity solution, powered by AdsWizz, that fuels audience-centric capabilities at SXM Media. As we’ve expanded our owned and operated audio ecosystem, AudioID reconciles listener identity so we can give marketers more control over their audio campaigns and connect them with their audience at scale. 

So, how exactly does it work? AudioID is a science-driven, anonymized listener solution which is designed to be flexible along with the shifting data ecosystem. It can accept and match a variety of listener signals across publishers and weigh them accordingly. Over time, it will be able to collect and store listening preferences, opening up new opportunities for first-party insights and targeting solutions.

We are entering a new era of identity—both in culture and in technology—that defines us not by who we are on paper or the cookies we leave behind, but by our interests and passions. AudioID is a consumer-first, privacy-conscious infrastructure that will deliver our audiences the best experiences and give marketers access to data-driven capabilities like never before.

Chris Record, Senior Vice President and Head of Ad Product, Technology & Operations at SXM Media & AdsWizz

Advertisers are already benefiting from AudioID in the form of cross-platform frequency capping across SXM Media’s audio products, not only optimizing their campaign reach but also providing better listener experiences. AudioID will continue to evolve throughout 2022, eventually enabling even more capabilities, such as increasing the addressability of our rich first-party audience segments and enhancing measurement opportunities. 

While we can’t stop cookie-crumbling-articles from filling your newsfeed, you can feel confident knowing that we are ahead of the game. AudioID is proof. It’s how we’re fortifying and continuing the ability to connect marketers with our audience of 150M+ listeners across audio environments in this next generation of advertising. 

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