The Insider’s Guide to Digital Audio For Local Business

What if you could speak—and we mean literally speak—directly to your target audience? With digital audio, you can. Think about it: audio gives you a chance to talk to your customer one-on-one, craft a personalized message for their ears, and deliver it to their device at the right time.

From the jingle to the radio spot, audio has always been a favorite and effective way for businesses to reach people. And now, platforms like Pandora have made it easy and accessible for businesses of all sizes and budget levels to incorporate digital audio into their marketing plans.

Whether you’re just beginning your audio journey, or a seasoned pro, we’re here to talk you through the details, share what we know, and help you execute audio campaigns that drive results. Our newest ebook, The Insider’s Guide to Digital Audio, does just that.

If you still need some convincing to download, here’s the top 5 surprising facts we discovered while developing The Insider’s Guide:

  1. A whopping 169 MILLION Americans have listened to Internet Radio in the past week alone1
  2. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences2
  3. 1 out of 3 consumers search for a product or service after hearing an audio ad3
  4. Listeners who experienced an ad 3 times per week were more almost 2x more likely to convert than those who experienced an ad only 1.5 times
  5. Everyone uses digital audio differently; for example: young listeners (13-24) skip songs and change stations early in their Pandora sessions

The above facts say it all: digital audio works. Make it work for you by downloading The Insider’s Guide to Digital Audio today.


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